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Brooklyn Delights

About US

The Birth of A Delicious Brooklyn Tradition

After taking over a family owned wholesale business in Brooklyn N.Y. the two brothers Frankie & Nickie were in search of the best cake and pastry line on the market to sell.  After spending months and months searching around for the best tasting cookies , cakes and pastry lines , they were so frustrated. Everything on market changed to smaller and cheaper ingredients , more than half of the cakes and cookies were not even made in the USA let alone Brooklyn N.Y. Nothing they found was even close to good by their standards.

So the two brothers went to the best Italian baker they knew, Grandma Grace. She told them they could use bunch of her old family recipes. BUT she needed to supervise the process . They then started baking in their small kitchen in East New York Brooklyn under the supervision of their Grandma Grace.  After some test runs and getting the product to the highest standards they could, The final results gave us  BROOKLYN DELIGHTS Our Chocolate Chip Cookies to our famous Black & White Cookies to our award winning Rainbow Cookies and Italian cookies. The rest is Brooklyn history.

Fresh Premium Quality
100% Made in America

All kosher certified products, and a peanut free selection too

 At Brooklyn Delights Bakery, “delighting” our consumers is our number one job. To us, that means putting customers first in every decision we make – from the quality and care that goes into making our baked goods, to giving back to the community, and taking care of our environment. Our associates take pride in their jobs because our consumers deserve nothing less.