Here are some frequently asked questions about Brooklyn Delights baked goods.

What is the shelf life of your baked goods?

To ensure freshness, please enjoy your Brooklyn Delights baked goods within 20-30 days of purchase. All products should be stored in a refrigerator, and you can extend the shelf life of our goods to 40 days by freezing.

Are all your items peanut free?

Yes. All are peanut free but we do use tree nuts in our facility.

Why are your corporate offices in Long Island not Brooklyn?

There is not enough room in our bakery to do any kind of shipping or customer service, so we are out here in Long Island in one of our wholesale locations.

What benefits are there to having an account on the website?

If you create an account on our website, we will offer regular exclusive deals and discounts. You will also receive emails about special products only available to our online subscribers.

All of your products are hand made?

YES! All of our items are hand made  there is no machines that make any of our items. Every Brooklyn Delights product is made right here in New York.

How can we contact you?

The best way to contact us is through email @ BROOKLYNDELIGHTSBAKERY@GMAIL.COM. You can call our corporate offices (516- 586- 8007) in Long Island Monday – Friday from 9am – 3pm, Yes you will get a live person.

How does your shipping work?

Any orders made after Thursday 12pm will be shipped the following Monday. We are now shipping with UPS for fasting shipping only.

What is your cost breakdown?

We have all of our items at a discounted price for online to try and help out with the shipping costs, normally all of our items in a retail store sell between $2.00 – $2.50 per unit. So even with paying the shipping you are still getting a great deal.