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Our Available Locations

Check your local grocery store or supermarket.  Have them give us a call if we’re not there.


Brooklyn Delights
Chocolate chip cookies

Brooklyn Delights™
Classic Rainbow Cakes

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With over several locations in the New York Area, be sure to stop by and be delighted by Brooklyn’s finest.   100% Premium quality, all kosher products, made in the USA

Made in America

Our Locations

Get your supply of the award winning success known as  Brooklyn Delights

✓ Pennsylvania
✓ Maryland
✓ North Carliona
✓ South Carolina
✓ Virginia
✓ Boston ( coming soon )

Not close enough?

Look for us in your local grocery stores/ convenience stores, if they don’t have them call us.  If you are store owner or manager and need distribution to your store please feel free to reach out.

More Brooklyn Delights

All kosher certified and we also have peanut free products,

 Classics made Delight-fully well.

Fresh Premium Quality
100% Made in America

All kosher certified products, and a peanut free selection too

 At Brooklyn Delights Bakery, “delighting” our consumers is our number one job. To us, that means putting customers first in every decision we make – from the quality and care that goes into making our baked goods, to giving back to the community, and taking care of our environment. Our associates take pride in their jobs because our consumers deserve nothing less.

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