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Peanut Free  

Made With you in mind

Full Flavor, No Peanuts

The Birth of Delicious Brooklyn Tradition

Our Peanut free products are also made from premium ingredients beautifully crafted without compromise of the Brooklyn Delights signature taste.  All kosher products made fresh in the USA. Please note that we do use tree nuts in our facility, but not as an ingredient in any product on this site.


All kosher certified and  peanut free delights


Oatmeal Raisin


Full Moon

Black and White

Chocolate Chip


All kosher certified and  peanut free delights

Chocolate Chip 





  Family Packs

All kosher certified and peanut free delights


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini Linzer Tarts

 Mini Black and Whites

 Rainbow Squares

 Italian Sprinkle

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All kosher certified products, and a peanut free selection too

 At Brooklyn Delights Bakery, “delighting” our consumers is our number one job. To us, that means putting customers first in every decision we make – from the quality and care that goes into making our baked goods, to giving back to the community, and taking care of our environment. Our associates take pride in their jobs because our consumers deserve nothing less.

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